Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Vistaprint goodies

Been busy ordering some freebies from Vistaprint for my new classroom, thought I'd post them here. They were all free, just paid postage.

Tote Bags
Perfect size for carrying the children's books etc.


Car Magnet

Postcards and Note Cards

Postcards to send notes home to parents etc.

Note cards to use for parent helpers etc.

Front                                                Reverse

Banner to put up whenever it's someone's birthday

Address labels for books etc.


Business cards to use with my behaviour chart


  1. Ah yes the wonderful "well done" stamps! Ace, I have a few now and lots of stickers. Good ol vistaprint. All the best for your probation year.
    Fellow ATL member - Grace

  2. Thanks Grace, it's much appreciated. Think I'm all done with Vistaprint for now, got my money's worth and enough to last more than a year!

  3. These look great and especially love the postcard and thank you notes! Can I ask, how is it all these were free? I've been on the vistaprint website but only says can get free business cards. Thanks!