Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I've had a few blogs in my time and looking back on them has always been quite good. I know how difficult this coming year is going to be so thought that keeping a blog might be useful again. It'll give me something to look back at during the hard times to remember the good times. Thought it might be useful to share ideas on here too. So if you check out this blog, hopefully I won't bore you to death!

Just 3 weeks now until school starts and to be honest, I'm terrified! I'm really excited about some parts and having my own class but the thought terrifies me at the same time. I don't have anyone to fall back on now, it's down to me. There's no class teacher to talk through my ideas with, I'M the class teacher now! Keep thinking what if I'm just not cut out for it? What if I mess it up? Hopefully these are normal NQT worries and it'll all be fine, hopefully!

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